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At the core, psychotherapy is a profession of love. 


Betrand Russell, Nobel-Prize winning British philosopher, once said that "our fear of the cold, cruel world tempts us to build hard shells to protect and isolate ourselves".  


In therapy, one can experience the sense of nonjudgmental acceptance and learn to trust in the love of self, processing loss, overcome fear of the world, escape the feelings of loneliness, and have a more abundant life. In other words, "love enriches our whole being" (Russell)

Congratulations on taking your first step towards change! Beginning therapy can be a scary and overwhelming process. I can not promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise that you do not have to do it alone. Together we will work towards finding ways that you can become more empowered in your life and regain control over the areas you feel oppressed in. 

Every person that enters this space is unique and that uniqueness is accepted and encouraged. You each come with your own history, cultural experiences, values, and therapy goals. Recognizing this, treatment is created based on you and not a cookie-cutter approach. 

Office Hours

Monday                  9 am - 8 pm (virtual and in-person)
Tuesday                  9 am - 8 pm (virtual and in-person)
Wednesday            9 am - 8 pm (virtual and in-person)
Thursday                9 am - 8 pm (virtual and in-person)
Friday                     9
 am - 8 pm (virtual and in-person)
Saturday                Closed
Sunday                   Closed


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